Upon completion of my Bachelor of Science and Pharmaceutical Sciences degree, I began my graduate education journey with the Master’s program in Health Outcomes and Socioeconomic Sciences (2013-2015) at the University of Toledo. My rigorous MS coursework, including health behavior theory, health care policy, pharmacoeconomics, research methods, and multiple statistics courses did provide me with a good foundation of health services research. My desire to become a competent and independent researcher led me to pursue a PhD degree at Auburn University in the Health Outcomes Research and Policy Department. The doctoral program at Auburn University will prepare me to become a competent faculty member in a school of pharmacy with a strong focus on research endeavors. Through my rigorous coursework at Auburn, I have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in social and behavioral theory, health services evaluation, research methodology, and statistics. Building on this knowledge gained through my coursework and experience working as a research assistant in several externally funded grant programs, I am developing my expertise in innovation adoption and implementation.



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