The goal of my research is to advance the profession of pharmacy through the adoption of innovations in real world organizations. My research can be classified into two areas:

Improving implementation of immunization information systems in community pharmacies. Pharmacies experience a number of barriers in successfully implementing immunization registries in their workflow, which is critical to achieving complete and accurate immunization records. My dissertation examines the adoption of immunization registries in rural, independent pharmacies and is informed by organizational theories and frameworks such as the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR). I have completed Phase I, which was to identify barriers to utilization of immunization registries within a pharmacy context. In Phase II, I will tailor the information learned into a novel immunization registry training program with strategies specific to individual subsets of pharmacies. The materials I’m developing and testing in Alabama may then be used in other states to improve immunization registry participation and thus more complete and accurate vaccination records. This will provide the potential for registries to be used consistently in assessing immunization status and recommending additional vaccines in the pharmacy setting, thereby improving vaccination coverage and making the provision of immunizations safe and efficient.

Advancing pharmacy practice in real world settings. The second area is related to the adoption of innovations in healthcare organizations. Oftentimes, effective interventions are not adopted and/or implemented properly. Guided by organizational theories and management sciences, my research interest is to work in healthcare organizations helping them to reduce implementation barriers and sustain the adoption successfully. Because implementation strategies can be adapted to various settings and various patient care services including: immunization, transition of care and MTM services, my expertise in the area of implementation science is complementary to other disciplines including clinical sciences and epidemiology, among others. Through my work as a research assistant I have gained experience identifying knowledge gaps and training needs among community pharmacists and subsequently addressing these needs to advance pharmacy practice. These include studies of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination services in community pharmacies and pneumococcal and herpes zoster immunization services in a RCT study design. I have also worked with community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to implement services to improve Medicare patients Part D plan selection and ability to afford medical care, which are funded by the Alabama Department of Senior Services.


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